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  1、Sleep and waking up(睡觉/起床)

  It’s time to go sleepy-bye.(到睡觉的时间了。)

  It’s time to go to for bed.(该上床了。)

  Wake up!(起床。)

  Did you sleep well?(睡好了吗?)

  Time to get up.(该起床了。)

  2、Getting dressed(穿衣)

  It’s time to get dressed(该穿衣服了。)

  What do you want to wear today?(今天想穿什么?)

  Stand still. / sit still.(站好/坐好。)

  Now put on your sweater.(现在穿上毛衣。)

  Take your clothes Take off your clothes.(脱衣服)

  Pick up your socks, please.(请把袜子捡起来。)

  Put on your trousers/shoes/coat/cap.(穿上你的裤子/鞋子/外套/帽子。)

  3、Meal time(吃饭)

  Come sit at the table.(过来坐在桌旁。)

  Help Daddy do the dishes.(帮助爸爸收盘子。)

  Help Mommy to set the table.(帮助妈妈放桌子。)

  Help us clear off the table.(帮我们收拾桌子。)

  4、Safty and injuries(安全和受伤)

  Don’t sit too close to the TV.(不要坐的离电视太近。)

  It’s nothing。 It’s just a little cut。(不要紧,只是小伤口)

  Wait for the green light before you cross the street.(等绿灯亮了再过马路)

  Always look both side before crossing the street. (过马路前一定看两边。)

  5、Playing toys/games(玩玩具/游戏)

  Let’s pick up the toys and put them back.(咱们把玩具捡起来放回去。)

  Want to play hide and seek?(玩捉迷藏吗?)

  Ready or not, here I come.(准备好了吗?我来了)

  Please put the toys/books back on the shelf。(请把玩具/书放回架子上。)

  Want to play outside?(想出去玩吗?)

  6、Bathroom talk(卫生间)

  Do you need to go potty?(你要去大/小便吗?)

  I need to go to the bathroom. (我要上厕所)

  Don’t unroll the toilet paper.(不要扯手纸。)

  Don’t use too much toilet paper.(不要浪费手纸。)

  Don’t pick your nose。 / Don’t stick your fingers in your nose.(不要用手挖鼻子。)

  7、Washing up(清洁)

  Your hands are sticky.(你的手很脏。)

  Wash your hands immediately.(马上去洗手。)

  You need to have a bath.(你得洗个澡了。)

  8、Finding out(发现问题)

  What’s the matter?(怎么了?)

  Why are you crying?(为什么哭?)

  Don’t worry.(不要担心。)

  Everything’s fine.(一切都会好的。)

  There’s nothing to be scared of.(没什么可怕的。)

  Are you feeling better now?(你现在感觉好些吗?)

  9、Compliments, encouragement(鼓励,夸奖)

  Great job!(太棒了!)

  I’m so proud of you.(我真为你骄傲!)

  Well done!(干得好!)

  You were so brave/great/good!(你真勇敢/棒!)



  【导语】其实 和外国人交流并不需要那么专业的英语水平,几句日常用语足矣!只要掌握以下语句,就能解决很多问题。下面是由无忧考网整理的关于日常简单英语口语对话【四篇】,一起来了解下吧!


  Jane: Good game?


  Bob: Not bad. Bit too hot for me today.


  Jane: Yes, I know. Kind of hard to concentrate, isn't it?


  Bob: Absolutely. Who were you playing with?


  Jane: Oh, just on my own. I just joined, so I don't really have any partners.


  Bob: Really? Oh, well in that case we should play together some time. What's your handicap?


  Jane: 16. Yours?


  Bob: No kidding! I'm 16, too. We should definitely play together some time. My name's Bob.


  Jane: Jane. Nice to meet you.


  Bob: Me too. So, do you like the course?


  Jane: Yes, it's fine. However, I personally think the fairways between theens are a bit too long, especially for such a hot climate. Don't they have carts?


  Bob: Well, they used to, but they got rid of them because of environmental concerns.


  Jane: Oh, that's good. I guess the caddies were pleased.


  Bob: Actually, in my opinion, the carts were better because you don't have to tip them.


  Jane: Yes, but look at it this way: getting rid of the carts probably gives more work to local people, which is a good thing, right?


  Bob: Possibly, but I still miss them! What bothers me is that the heat makes the caddies' life quite hard. One member's caddy fainted last week!


  Jane: How awful, poor guy.


  Bob: Right. Luckily it was on the eighteen hole, quite near the clubhouse, so he didn't have far to carry him.


  Jane: Oh, my God, you're kidding me! He carried him back?


  Bob: Yup.



  A: Hello, Anna speaking!


  B: Hey, Anna, this is Jason.


  A: Jason, where have you been hiding lately? You know it's been a long time since your last call. Have you been good?


  B: Yes. How are you, Anna?


  A: I am fine. What have you been doing?


  B: Working. I've been really busy these days. I got a promotion.


  A: That's great, congratulations!


  B: Thanks. I am feeling pretty good about myself too. You know, bigger office, a raise and even an assistant.


  A: That's good. So I guess I'll have to make an appointment to see you.


  B: You are kidding.


  A: How long have you been working there?


  B: A bit over two years. This is a fast-moving company, and seniority isn’t the only factor in deciding promotions.


  A: How do you like your new boss?


  B: She is very nice and open-minded.


  A: Much better than the last one, huh?


  B: Yeah. He was a real slave driver. He probably would have loved it if we were robots.


  A: Forget about him. Come over to my house tonight. Let's get drunk.


  B: Good. Tonight 8 o'clock.


  A: 8 it is. See you then.


  B: Bye.



  Tom: Everyone is here.


  Bob: You are so late.


  Tom: It is a rare chance for us to get together.


  Bob: Yeah, everyone is so busy.


  Tom: Today, we must drink until we are thoroughly drunk!


  Bob: OK, I keep you company to the end.


  Tom: (After two hours, Tom’s phone is ringing,and he picks up…)Sorry, buddies, I have to go.


  Bob: Don’t be such a party pooper, can’t you stay a little longer?


  Tom: I am very sorry, my wife wants me to go back at once.


  Bob: (LOL)He is a real hen-pecked husband.



  Man: Is something wrong? Can I help?


  Woman: I just moved here and I'm a little confused. I need a laundromat. Can you tell me where the nearest one is?


  Man: Let me think.


  Woman: Is it far away from here?


  Man: Not really. The nearest one is on Garfield Street. Head straight down this road until you reach the bowling alley, turn

  right and walk two blocks. That's Garfield, turn left and the laundromat is in the middle of the block on the right side,

  next to a drugstore.


  Woman: Got it, straight to the bowling alley, tum right and go two blocks, then left, it's next to a drugstore.


  Man: Correct.


  Woman: Thank you very much.


  Man: You're welcome.



  1 See you later.待会见;再联络

  A: I have to go.

  B: See you later.

  2 What’s up?近来过得如何?

  A: Hey! What’s up?

  B: Nothing much! As usual.

  3 It’s on me.我来付

  A: The beer is on me.

  B: Thank you.

  4 I mean it.我是说真的

  A: Do you really want to quit your job?

  B: I mean it.

  5 Check, please.买单

  A: Check, please.

  B: Yes, sir.

  6 Mind your own business.别多管闲事

  A: What were you talking about?

  B: Mind your own business.

  7 Hold on.请稍等

  A: May I leave a message, please?

  B: Hold on.

  8 Whatever!随你的便

  A: Shall I tell him tonight or tomorrow?

  B: Whatever!

  9 After you.你先(请)

  A: Please come in.

  B: After you.

  10 Nonsense!胡说八道!

  A: Tell me the truth. I don’t want nonsense.

  B: I am telling the truth.

  11 Cheer up!振作点

  A: We lost the game again!

  B: Cheer up! You’ll do better next time.

  12 No way!不行

  A: Let’s have pizza for lunch.

  B: No way! I hate pizza.

  13 Go for it!加油!

  A: It’s an important test.

  B: Yes, I will go for it!

  14 You’ve got me there. / (it) beats me.我想不出来:我不知道:你考倒我了

  A: Do you know the height of that building?

  B: You’ve got me there. (Beats me)

  15 Who Cares!谁管你呀!

  A: I can’t finish my homework. Can you help me to do some?

  B: Who cares!

  16 I’ll get it.我来接(电话)

  A: The phone is ringing.

  B: I’ll get it.

  17 It depends.看情形

  A: When will you wake up?

  B: It depends.

  18 Out of the question!不可能的

  A: Could I borrow your bike?

  B: Out of the question!

  19 Allow me.让我来

  A: Please allow me to open the door for you.

  B: Thank you.

  20 Calm down冷静一点

  A: Calm down. It’s not such a big deal.

  B: You won’t understand.

  21 Thank you.谢谢

  A: You are beautiful!

  B: Thank you.

  22 You’re welcome.不客气

  A: Thank you for the flowers.

  B: You’re welcome.

  23 Goodbye.再见

  A: Take care!

  B: You too! Goodbye!

  24 How are you(doing)?你好吗?

  A: How are you?

  B: Not very good. I got a cold.

  25 I have had enough!我真是受够了!

  A: I have had enough!

  B: Why? What did he do?

  26 Let’s call it a day.今天到此为止吧!

  A: Let’s call it a day. I am so tired.

  B: All right!

  27 Not again!不会吧!

  A: Everyone’s late.

  B: Not again!

  28 Knock it off!住手!不要吵!

  A: Knock it off! I am trying to study.

  B: Sorry, I didn’t know that you are studying.

  29 Good night.晚安

  A: Good night, everybody.

  B: Good night, Jill! Have a sweet dream.

  30 Sure!可以呀!

  A: Could I use your computer?

  B: Sure!

  31 Of course.当然!

  A: Could I borrow your car?

  B: Of course.

  32 Yes.是的

  A: Is this your cell phone?

  B: Yes, it is mine.

  33 Why?为什么?

  A: Sarah is not coming.

  B: Why?

  34 Be careful on the road.路上小心

  A: Be careful on the road. It’s getting dark.

  B: Ok!

  35 You decide.你决定吧!

  A: Do you want the black tie or the red one?

  B: You decide.

  36 Never mind.没关系;不要紧

  A: I am sorry that I broke your radio.

  B: Never mind.

  37 That’s all right.没关系

  A: I didn’t mean to be bump into you.

  B: That’s all right.

  38 I don’t know.我不知道

  A: Do you know where the police station is?

  B: I don’t know.

  39 Is there anything wrong?有问题吗?

  A: The boss was every angry at the meeting.

  B: Why? Is there anything wrong?

  40 No problem.没问题

  A: Could I borrow your car tomorrow?

  B: Sure! No problem.

  41 You are joking! (No kidding)别开玩笑了

  A: Did you know that Linda’s uncle is Jacky Chen?

  B: You are joking! How did you know that?

  42 Why not?为什么不行?

  A: You can’t go out today.

  B: Why not?

  43 I don’t understand….我不懂

  A: Betty broke up with her new boyfriend.

  B: I don’t understand how could this happen?

  44 And then?然后呢?

  A: You should take this form to the first counter.

  B: And then? What should I do?

  45 So what?那又如何?那又怎样?

  A: Do you know there is a new theater down the street?

  B: Yeah. So what?

  46 It’s alright.还好

  A: How’s your steak?

  B: It’s alright.

  47 I am OK.我没事

  A: Are you hurt?

  B: I am OK.

  48 Bon voyage.一路顺风

  A: We are leaving for Boston tonight.

  B: Bon voyage.

  49 What happened?发生了什么事?

  A: Lucy is crying.

  B: Why? What happened?

  50 Come on!来嘛!拜托!

  A: I don’t want to go to the party.

  B: Come on! Don’t be shy.

简单英语日常用语对话:英语基本对话1000句 最实用的英语日常用语


  1. I see. 我明白了。

  2. I quit! 我不干了!

  3. Let go! 放手!

  4. Me too. 我也是。

  5. My god! 天哪!

  6. No way! 不行!

  7. Come on. 来吧(赶快)

  8. Hold on. 等一等。

  9. I agree。 我同意。

  10. Not bad. 还不错。

  11. Not yet. 还没。

  12. See you. 再见。

  13. Shut up! 闭嘴!

  14. So long. 再见。

  15. Why not? 好呀! (为什么不呢?)

  16. Allow me. 让我来。

  17. Be quiet! 安静点!

  18. Cheer up! 振作起来!

  19. Good job! 做得好!

  20. Have fun! 玩得开心!

  21. How much? 多少钱?

  22. I'm full. 我饱了。

  23. I'm home. 我回来了。

  24. I'm lost. 我迷路了。

  25. My treat. 我请客。

  26. So do I. 我也一样。

  27. This way。 这边请。

  28. After you. 您先。

  29. Bless you! 祝福你!

  30. Follow me. 跟我来。

  31. Forget it! 休想! (算了!)

  32. Good luck! 祝好运!

  33. I decline! 我拒绝!

  34. I promise. 我保证。

  35. Of course! 当然了!

  36. Slow down! 慢点!

  37. Take care! 保重!

  38. They hurt. (伤口)疼。

  39. Try again. 再试试。

  40. Watch out! 当心。

  41. What's up? 有什么事吗?

  42. Be careful! 注意!

  43. Bottoms up! 干杯(见底)!

  44. Don't move! 不许动!

  45. Guess what? 猜猜看?

  46. I doubt it 我怀疑。

  47. I think so. 我也这么想。

  48. I'm single. 我是单身贵族。

  49. Keep it up! 坚持下去!

  50. Let me see.让我想想。

  51. Never mind.不要紧。

  52. No problem! 没问题!

  53. That's all! 就这样!

  54. Time is up. 时间快到了。

  55. What's new? 有什么新鲜事吗?

  56. Count me on 算上我。

  57. Don't worry. 别担心。

  58. Feel better? 好点了吗?

  59. I love you! 我爱你!

  60. I'm his fan。 我是他影迷。

  61. Is it yours? 这是你吗?

  62. That's neat. 这很好。

  63. Are you sure? 你肯定吗?

  64. Do l have to 非做不可吗?

  65. He is my age. 他和我同岁。

  66. Here you are. 给你。

  67. No one knows . 没有人知道。

  68. Take it easy. 别紧张。

  69. What a pity! 太遗憾了!

  70. Any thing else? 还要别吗?

  71. To be careful! 一定要小心!

  72. Do me a favor? 帮个忙,好吗?

  73. Help yourself. 别客气。

  74. I'm on a diet. 我在节食。

  75. Keep in Touch. 保持联络。

  76. Time is money. 时间就是金钱。

  77. Who's calling? 是哪一位?

  78. You did right. 你做得对。

  79. You set me up! 你出卖我!

  80. Can I help you? 我能帮你吗?

  81. Enjoy yourself! 祝你玩得开心!

  82. Excuse me,Sir. 先生,对不起。

  83. Give me a hand! 帮帮我!

  84. How's it going? 怎么样?

  85. I have no idea. 我没有头绪。

  86. I just made it! 我做到了!

  87. I'll see to it 我会留意。

  88. I'm in a hurry! 我在赶时间!

  89. It's her field. 这是她本行。

  90. It's up to you. 由你决定。

  91. Just wonderful! 简直太棒了!

  92. What about you? 你呢?

  93. You owe me one.你欠我一个人情。

  94. You're welcome. 不客气。

  95. Any day will do. 哪一天都行夕

  96. Are you kidding? 你在开玩笑吧!

  97. Congratulations! 祝贺你!

  98. T can't help it. 我情不自禁。

  99. I don't mean it. 我不是故意。

  100. I'll fix you Up. 我会帮你打点。

  一、Greetings 问候语

  1. Hello! / Hi! 你好!

  2. Good morning / afternoon / evening! 早晨(下午/晚上)好!

  3. I’m Kathy King. 我是凯西?金。

  4. Are you Peter Smith? 你是彼得?史密斯吗?

  5. Yes, I am. / No, I’m not. 是,我是。/ 不,我不是。

  6. How are you? 你好吗?

  7. Fine, thanks. And you? 很好,谢谢,你呢?

  8. I’m fine, too. 我也很好。

  9. How is Amy / your wife / your husband? 爱米好吗?/你妻子好吗?/你丈夫好吗?

  10. She is very well, thank you. 她很好,谢谢。

  11. Good night, Jane. 晚安,简。

  12. Good-bye, Mike. 再见,迈克。

  13. See you tomorrow. 明天见。

  14. See you later. 待会儿见。

  15. I have to go now. 我必须走了。

  二、Expression In Class 课堂用语

  16. May I come in? 我能进来吗?

  17. Come in, please. 请进。

  18. Sit down, please. 请坐。

  19. It’s time for class. 上课时间到了。

  20. Open your books and turn to page 20. 打开书,翻到第20页。

  21. I’ll call the roll before class. 课前我要点名。

  22. Here! 到!

  23. Has everybody got a sheet? 每个人都拿到材料了吗?

  24. Any different opinion? 有不同意见吗?

  25. Are you with me? 你们跟上我讲的了吗?

  26. Have I made myself clear? 我讲明白了吗?

  27. Could you say it again? 你能再说一遍吗?

  28. Any questions? 有什么问题吗?

  29. That’s all for today. 今天就讲到这里。

  30. Please turn in your paper before leaving. 请在离开前将论文交上。

  三、Identifying Objects 辨别物品

  31. What’s this? 这是什么?

  32. It’s a pen. 是支笔。

  33. Is this your handbag? 这是你的手提包吗?

  34. No, it isn’t. / Yes, it is. 不,它不是。/是的,它是。

  35. Whose pen is this? 这是谁的笔?

  36. It’s Kate’s. 是凯特的。

  37. Is that a car? 那是一辆小汽车吗?

  38. No, it isn’t. It’s a bus. 不,那是一辆公共汽车。

  39. What do you call this in English? 这个用英语怎么说?

  40. What is the color of your new book? 你的新书是什么颜色的?

  41. How big is your house? 你的房子有多大?

  42. How long is the street? 这条街有多长?

  43. What’s the name of the cat? 这猫叫什么名字?

  44. Where’s the company? 那个公司在哪儿?

  45. Which is the right size? 哪个尺码是对的?

  四、About Belongings 关于所有物

  46. What’s this? 这是什么?

  47. It’s an air-conditioner. 这是空调。

  48. Is this yours? 这是你的吗?

  49. Yes, it’s mine. 是的,是我的。

  50. Where are my glasses? 我的眼镜在哪儿?

  51. Do you know where I’ve put my glasses? 你知道我把眼镜搁哪儿了吗?

  52. Over there. 在那边。

  53. On the desk. 在桌上。

  54. Is this your pen? I found it under the desk. 这是你的笔吗?我在桌下捡的。

  55. No. Mine is blue. 不是。我的是蓝的。

  56. Which is your bag? 哪个是你的包?

  57. The bigger one. 大些的那个。

  58. The one on your right. 你右边的那个。

  59. Are these books all yours? 这些书全是你的吗?

  60. Some of them are mine. 一部分是我的。

  五、Identifying People 辨别身份

  61. Who are you? 你是谁?

  62. I’m Jim. 我是吉姆。

  63. Who is the guy over there? 那边那个人是谁?

  64. He’s Bob. 他是鲍勃。

  65. Is that girl a student? 那个女孩是学生吗?

  66. No, she isn’t. 不,她不是。

  67. What do you do? 你是做什么的?

  68. I’m a farmer. 我是个农民。

  69. What does he do? 他是干什么的?

  70. He’s a manager. 他是个经理。

  71. She must be a model, isn’t she? 她一定是个模特,不是吗?

  72. I really don’t known. 我真不知道。

  73. I have no idea about it. 我一点都不知道。

  74. Can she be a driver? 她可能是个司机吗?

  75. Yes, I think so. 是的,我认为是。

  六、About Introduction 关于介绍

  76. What’s your name? 你叫什么名字?

  77. May I have your name? 能告诉我你的名字吗?

  78. My name is Thomas. 我叫汤姆斯。

  79. Just call me Tom. 就叫我汤姆吧。

  80. What’s your family name? 你姓什么?

  81. My family name is Ayneswonth. 我姓安尼思华斯。

  82. How do you spell it? 怎么拼?

  83. Who is the lady in white? 穿白衣服的那位小姐是谁?

  84. Could you introduce me to her? 你能把我介绍给她吗?

  85. Rose, let me introduce my friend to you. 罗斯,让我介绍一下我的朋友。

  86. This is Tom. He’s my classmate. 这是汤姆。我的同学。

  87. Nice to meet you. 很高兴认识你。

  88. Nice to meet you, too. 认识你我也很高兴。

  89. Let me introduce myself. 让我自我介绍一下。

  90. How do you do? 你好!

  七、Year, Month And Day 年、月、日

  91. What day is it today? 今天星期几?

  92. It’s Monday today. 今天是星期一。

  93. What’s the date today? 今天是几号?

  94. It’s January the 15th, 1999. 今天是1999年1月15日。

  95. What month is this? 现在是几月?

  96. It’s December. 现在是十二月。

  97. What year is this? 今年是哪一年?

  98. It’s the year of 1999. 今年是1999年。

  99. What will you do during this weekend? 这周末你干什么?

  100. Does the shop open at 9 am on weekdays? 这家店平日是早上9点开门吗?

  101. It opens at 8 am on weekdays, but at 9 at weekends. 平日上午8点开,但周末9点开。

  102. What will you do the day after next? 后天你干什么?

  103. What did you do the week before last? 上上星期你干了什么?

  104. I’ll work for the next 5 days. 我要工作5天(从明天算起)

  105. It’s been 5 years since I last saw you. 我已5年没见你了。

  八、Talking About Objects 谈论事物

  106. Do you have a computer? 你有计算机吗?

  107. Yes, I do. 是的,我有。

  108. He has that book, doesn’t he? 他有那本书,是吗?

  109. No, he doesn’t. 不,他没有。

  110. Do you have any brothers or sisters? 你有兄弟或姐妹吗?

  111. No, I’m a single son. 没有,我是独生子。

  112. Does your computer have a modem? 你的电脑有调制解调器吗?

  113. Do you have shampoo here? 这儿有香波卖吗?

  114. What a beautiful garden you have! 你的花园真漂亮。

  115. Any tickets left? 有剩票吗?

  116. Do you have glue? I need some here. 你有胶水吗?我这里需要一点。

  117. I have some left. 我剩下一些。

  118. If you have more, please give me some. 如果你有多的,请给我。

  119. Do you have my pencil? 你拿了我的铅笔吗?

  120. Yes, I have your eraser, too. 是的,我还拿了你的橡皮。

  九、Talking About Time 叙述时间

  121. What time is it now? 现在几点?

  122. It’s two o’clock. 现在两点。

  123. It’s a quarter past five. 现在是五点一刻。

  124. It’s ten minutes to four. 现在差十分四点。

  125. It’s half past nine. 现在是九点半。

  126. It’s one o’clock sharp. 现在一点整。

  127. It’s not four o’clock. 还没到四点呢。

  128. My watch says two o’clock. 我的表是两点钟。

  129. My watch is two minutes fast. 我的表快了两分钟。

  130. What’s the time by your watch? 你的表几点了?

  131. We must arrive there on time. 我们必须准时到那儿。

  132. There are only two minutes left. 只剩两分钟了。

  133. Can you finish your work ahead of time? 你能提前完成工作吗?

  134. The flight is delayed. 飞机晚点起飞。

  135. The meeting is put off. 会议延期了。

  十、About Dates 关于日期

  136. What day is today? 今天星期几?

  137. Today is Monday. 今天星期一。

  138. What’s the date today? 今天几号?

  139. Today is May 21st. 今天是五月二十一号。

  140. When were you born? 你什么时候出生的?

  141. I was born on September 1st, 1976. 我出生在1976年9月1日。

  142. What time? 什么时候?

  143. You name the time. 你定时间吧。

  144. I’ll meet you tomorrow. 我们明天见面。

  145. Do you know the exact date? 你知道确切日期吗?

  146. Please check the date. 请核实一下日期。

  147. What were you doing this time last year? 去年这时候你在干什么?

  148. How long will the sale last? 折价销售多久?

  149. Only three days. 仅三天。

  150. I’ll be back in 5 days. 我五天之后回来。

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