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  Are Cars Doing More Harm Than Good?2014-04-10Today any Chinese can enjoy the luxury of owning a private car--if he can afford it, that is. And to be able to afford it, you have first of all to pay a five or six figure sum to buy a machine. Even the toylike Polish midget Fiat costs something like 20,000 yuan. Any decent car would cost ten times that much.

  Is the Prospect of Growing Old a Bleak One?2014-04-10My father has an organic brain disease. It's Parkinson's disease, and in his case it has led to the additional trauma of Parkinsonian dementia. He is in and out of reality. At times, he is as clever as can be--until he sees snakes or space stations or trucks in his room.

  Does Divorce Represent Social Progress?2014-04-09Divorce used to be very rare in our country. In old times it was not necessary for a man to divorce his wife as he could easily marry another or many others. But women were expected to suffer in silence, and for those who could not, suicide was the only way out.

  Do Advertisements Play a Positive or Negative Role in Our So2014-04-09One night, when television began broadcasting a boring TV show, I said to my wife, The programme is even less interesting than the advertisements, or commercials. Let us have a change.

  Does Fashion Contribute Anything to Society?2014-04-08Make np, Dress up, Warm up, Brightenup When 43-year-old Wang I.ongzhu stepped out of a beauty parlour in Nanjing, capital of Jiangsu Province in East China, she felt all the people around were staring at her with admiration.

  Is It Necessary to Keep the "Iron Rice Bowl"?2014-04-08Since 1987, reform of the Chinese labour system has stepped out of the laboratory and into the real world of employment. For many, the iron rice bowl no longer exlsts.

  Should Capital Punishment Be a Major Deterrent to Crime?2014-04-07Capital Punishment Is the Only Way to Deter Criminals Perhaps all criminals should be required to carry cards which read: Fragile: Handle with Care. It will never do, these days, to go around referring to criminals as violent thugs. You must refer to them politely as social misfits.

  Should People Be Promoted according to Ability?2014-04-07Employees who flatter their bosses tend to receive better evaluations and move more easily up the corporate ladder-whether they deserve to or not--said Gerald Ferris, management professor at Texas A and M University.

  Is Housing Reform Necessary?2014-04-05Housing reform, acknowledged by economists and politicians at home and abroad as central to China's economic reform, has reached a critical stage.

  Is it Good to Live in a Large Modern City?2014-04-05Avoid the rush-hour must be the slogan of large cities the world over. If it is, its a slogan no one takes the least notice of. Twice a day, with predictable regularity, the pot boils over. Wherever you look its people, people, people. The trains which leave or arrive every few minutes are packed: an endless procession of human sardine tins.

  Should Women Be Treated the Same as Men?2014-04-04For Women, There Is a Long Way to Go One-third of the people at work in Britain are women. By 1975 they will, by law, be on a footing of equal pay with men. Their prospects of reaching the top, however, are still far from equal.

  Is Romantic Love the Most Important Condition for Marriage?2014-04-04If you are young and unmarried, you must have in your mind the image of an ideal husband or wife. Most young people like to indulge in fantasies, and your image may ta.ke the form of a certain famous film star or pop singer.

  Is Money the Most Important Thing in Life?2014-04-03Once upon a time there lived a beautiful young woman and a handsome young man . They were very poor, but as they were deeply in love, they wanted to get married. The young peoples parents shook their heads. You can t get married yet, they said. Wait till you get a good job with good prospects.

  Should Smoking Be Prohibited?2014-04-03Passive Path to Death for Non-smokers Alice Trillin was 38 and thought she was in excellent health. Then this completely crazy thing happened.

  Does the Younger Generation Know Best?2014-04-02The Younger Generation Knows Best Old people are always saying that the young are not what they were. The same comment is made from generation to generation and it is always true. It has never been truer than it is today. The young are better educated. They have a lot more money to spend and enjoy more freedom.

  Work to Live or Live to Work?2014-04-02What Does Work Mean to People? A group of people from different walks of life are being interviewed about what role vork plays in their lives. Their attitudes, as we can see, vary.

  Is It Necessary to Develop Toarism?2014-04-01A Little Good Will Can Help People Understand Each Other Today we had an American family, the Robinsons, for Sunday dinner.

  Does Parental Permissiveness Affect Children's Development?2014-04-01Who Is to Blame, Mimi, or Her Parents? I always thought Xiao Hong a sl;oilt and wilful child, but today I met a girl a hundred times worse. Compared to her, Xiao Hong is an angel!

  Should Students Only Learn from Books?2014-03-31During my recent tour to Kunming in Yunnan Province, I encountered a young Australian at Liuzhou railway station . I helped him get on board the train with his luggage, and we got to chatting in English. I learned that he was 21 years old, studying Asian literature and history at Sydney University.

  Is It a Good Idea to Control Population Growth in the World?2014-03-31We moved slowly through the city in a taxi and entered a crowded slum district. The temperature was well over 100°and the air was thick with dust and smoke. The streets seemed alive with people. People eating, people washing, people sleeping.

  Should We Diet in Order to Keep Fit?2014-03-30How Does It Feel to Lose Weight? Here is a conversation between a heart specialist and a heart patient.

  Do Examinations Do More Harm Than Good?2014-03-30Ive been acting like an egg striking a rock. What is this egg? Its the campaign against the old-fashioned way of teaching Intensive Reading . And what s the rock?. It s the old-fashioned way of setting exams. So long as the old type of I.R. examination remains in force, the campaign against the old method of teaching I.R. cant win. Its like an egg striking a rock.

  Is Euthanasia Humane?2014-03-29The most famous mercy killing case in America's history involves Dr. Herman N. Sanders, a country doctor from New Hampshire. In the early 1950s Dr. Sanders had been treating a sixty-year-old woman in Hillsboro County Hospital who was dying of cancer.

  Is It Good for Students to Have Part-time Jobs?2014-03-29More and more high school students in Beijing are turning their minds to ways of making money.


  Part II The How-Tos

  Leading Seminars/ Questioning Techniques

  ? General procedures of a seminar/lecture

  1) Self-introduction

  2) Introduction of Topic

  3) Describing sequences and timing

  4) Highlighting information

  5) Involving the audience

  6) Giving instructions

  7) Checking understanding

  8) Asking questions

  9) Clarifying questions

  10) Evading questions

  11) Inviting comments

  12) Interrupting

  13) Transitions

  14) Reformulations

  15) Closing

  ? Language Reference

  Self-introduction 自我介绍

  Good morning, I'm ---- and I've been invited to give this talk/ presentation / lecture because---

  I have done research in / I have a special interest in / my experience is in

  Introduction of Topic 话题介绍

  In my presentation/talk/lecture today I shall be dealing with---

  The subject of my ---- today is ----

  What I'd like to do today is introduce/suggest/ analyse/ describe / explain

  My topic/subject today is ---

  I shall be dealing with 2/3/4…. main areas/topics/subjects today

  Describing Sequences and Timing 程序介绍与时间安排

  First I want to /spend a few minutes outlining ---/remind you of the background to/summarise the ----/explain---/ present---

  Next I shall---/after that I will take the opportunity of describing---/

  Then we'll look at---

  Finally I want to---

  Highlighting Information 重点介绍

  (Rhetorical questions)

  So, what does that mean?/How can we interpret this?/What's the explanation for this?/What are the implications of these findings?

  (Change of focus)

  What that tells us is/What I'm suggesting is/What is clear is that

  (Introducing auxiliary verb)

  So clearly we do need to--/Obviously they did understand that---/ Of course you do wan to know why---

  Involving the Audience 听者的参与

  Let's have a show of hands, how many of you agree with ----

  I'm sure we all know what it's like to---

  Let me ask you spend a couple of seconds thinking about---

  Well, what would you do, I wonder---

  Just look around the room and take a note of /how many men are wearing a tie---/how many people are wearing jeans---/the average age of the participants

  Giving Instructions 给予指示

  For this exercise, we are going to work in pairs: groups of 3/4/5

  Make a note of these words/figures

  Read the paragraph on page ---

  Please note that I shall be timing the exercise and you have exactly 7 minutes

  Now complete the questionnaire and put your name in the top left-hand corner

  Checking Understanding 随时观察听者反映

  Is everyone with me so far?

  Are there any questions at this stage?

  Would anyone like me to run through that again?

  If you have any problems with the detail, don't worry because all the information is in your handout

  Asking Questions 询问问题

  Direct questions/open-ended:


  Closed questions :

  Do you/did you

  Delicate questions:

  I was wondering if/ could I ask you/ would you mind telling me/if it's not indiscreet I'd like to know/might I ask/may I ask

  Clarifying Questions 澄清问题

  So you want to know about---/is it the figures that worry you/ when you say---do you mean---/If I've understood the question you want to know about---

  Evading Questions 回避问题

  That's not really my field---/ that's a bit outside the scope of today's topic/ I haven't got the precise information with me today/ that's not really for me to say/I'd need notice of that question to answer you in full/this is not really the place to discuss that matter/ perhaps that's a question for another meeting

  Inviting Comments 鼓励并听取意见

  Has anyone got any questions at this point?

  Would anyone like to comment on that?

  Does anyone disagree with my last point?

  Can anyone confirm my experience?

  If nobody has any questions then I'll move on

  Interrupting 中断

  I'd like to discuss it further, but I think it's time to move on

  Could I just stop you there---

  If I might just add----

  I'm sure we'd all agree, but perhaps we should get back to the main point















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